Tecom S.r.l. - General Catalogue 2024 - Self-aligning bearing supports

170 1 2 3 4 5 6 2,5° Serie UCF/CX Serie MUCF/CX 1 2 3B 4 5 6 2,5° Self-aligning bearing supports Square flanged bearing supports 1) Housing made out of black, white or blue Ral 5005 colour polyamide reinforced with glass fibers. 2) Back gasket made out of NBR rubber for turning shaft seal. 3) Chrome steel or stainless steel bearing AISI 440. 3B) Chrome steel bearing. 4) Spacer for fixing reinforcement made out of stainless steel AISI 304. 5) UNI 6592 support washer made out of stainless steel AISI 304. 6) Greaser, straight type with 1/8 gas thread, made out of nickel-plated brass (absent in the versions with Long Life bearing). NOTE: The protection cover can be ordered separately as an accessory; in the Long Life version, the greaser is absent and the lubrication channel is protected by a rubber cap. Support dimensions respect ISO 3228 set of rules. Maximum shaft alignment error 2,5° For further information please contact our technical office or sales department. Grub screws shaft locking - Without protection cover MATERIALS: Housing is made out of PA + glass fiber in black, white or blue Ral 5005 colours; bearing with grub screws shaft locking in chrome steel or stainless steel; bearing with eccentric collar shaft locking in chrome steel; greaser made out of nickel plated brass; reinforcement bushings and washers made out of stain- less steel AISI 304; gaskets made out of NBR rubber; cover made out of polypropylene grey Ral 7042, blue Ral 5015, orange Ral 2004 or red Ral 3000 colour. FEATURES: The protection cover can be ordered separately as an accessory. Assembly with not shouldered shafts. Maximum shaft alignment error 2.5°. BOX QUANTITY: 8 pieces. ON REQUEST: Versions with body in polypropylene + glass fiber and antibacterial additive; protection covers in different colours and with customized brand; box quantity according to your request; Viton gaskets. Eccentric collar shaft locking - Without protection cover Long Life bearings: life long lubrication. Self-aligning bearings with Solid body: completely closed surface to guarantee the max hygiene.